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Local RTC Reps 2018 – 2020, District and Contacts
The Stamford Republican Party

Fritz Blau
email: fritz.blau@gmail.com

1VM Andy Wainwright wainwright@msn.com
1VM Charles Carroll cfclec@gmail.com
2VM Fritz Blau fritz.blau@gmail.com
2VM Andrew Krill akrill@optonline.net
3VM Open
3VM Open
4VM Erika Talnagi korzar34@hotmail.com
4VM Deborah Billington dbillington@mac.com
5VM Sheila Williams-Brown sheiladistrict5@gmail.com
5VM Jason Lomoriello jaybird106@gmail.com
6VM Open
6VM Open
7VM Al Sgritta asgritta@aol.com
7VM Charles Pia crpia14@aol.com
8VM Joe Tarzia jtarzia@optonline.net
8VM Eva Maldonado evamaldonado1@yahoo.com
9VM Francky Trofort fn.trofort@sbcglobal.net
9VM Alison Tosches alisondistrict9@gmail.com
10VM George Stadel stamfordpac@gmail.com
10VM Bruno Valenzisi bvalenzisi@yahoo.com
11VM James Rubino stamfordlaw@aol.com
11VM Michael Altamura michaelj.altamura@gmail.com
12VM Carola Cammann carolacammann@optonline.net
12VM Linda Lombardo llomb89363@aol.com
13VM Ralph Loglisci ralphlogs@yahoo.com
13VM Cristina Andreana cristina@actcpa.com
14VM Dante Terenzio dnm.associated@yahoo.net
14VM Anthony Spadaccini tony.spad@yahoo.com
15VM Frank Cerasoli frankcerasoli@aol.com
15VM Joe Coppola pkrd400@yahoo.com
16VM Bob Kolenberg rkolenberg@aol.com
16VM Barry Michelson bmichelson@optonline.net
17VM Open
17VM Open
18VM Nicola “Nick” Tarzia ntarz@tarziagroup.com
18VM Charles Pia Jr CharlesPiaJr@gmail.com
19VM Elisa Esses sselisa@optonline.net
19VM Barry Weston bdwst@aol.com
20VM Dennis Mahoney mahoneynt@yahoo.com
20VM Tom Lombardo talgtl1@aol.com

Elected Officials
State list of RTC elected officials and contacts: http://ct.gop/about/officials/


JR Romano


frantzState Senator
Scott Frantz
Greenwich, New Cannan & Stamford


livy100State Representative
Livvy R. Floren
Greenwich and Stamford

The Connecticut Republican Party
P: (860) 422-8211 | F: (860) 422-8175
31 Pratt Street, Fourth Floor | Hartford, CT 06103

Connecticut Republican State Central Committee, Rules and Bylaws

General Assembly
See how your State elected official is voting, and what matters are being discussed at  www.cga.ct.gov