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About RTC

The Stamford Republican Town Committee

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Our mission is to create an organization and platform from which Republican candidates can draw vital resources to launch, grow, and sustain successful campaigns.

The Stamford Republican Town Committee

RTC is the official organization of the Republican Party of the City of Stamford, and is charged with the administration and direction of affairs of the party in the City.

The RTC is composed of 40 members, two from each of the 20 city districts. Registered Republicans elect members to two-year terms every February in even-numbered years. The RTC meets monthly, and meetings are open to the public.

RTC organization

The duties and powers of the RTC include, but are not limited to:

Republican policy

Setting Republican policy and directing election campaigns, with each Town Committee Member responsible for administering the campaign within his or her District.


Informing the public about the performance of City government and local courts, and all related matters.


Encouraging voter registration and youth participation.


Sponsoring and encouraging constructive legislation and party activities.


Administering party funds.

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