Olga Anastos

I Fought For My Family,
Now I’m Fighting for Yours

Olga Anastos is Running to fight for Stamford and its Residents. Olga has been a staple of the community for almost 30 years and her family has been here even longer. Olga manages Curley’s Diner which is a pillar of the community. Olga’s family has been fighting to keep their Diner running with numerous eminent domain challenges. After hearing the challenges faced by her customers, Olga stepped up to fight for Stamford to represent the 148th District.

Olga wants to go to Hartford to keep Zoning, Education, and Housing decisions in the hands of Stamford, its parents, and its citizens as they know what is best for Stamford. Public Safety is also a major issue for Olga to ensure Stamford can thrive.

Olga Fought For Her Family, Now She is Fighting For Yours.

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